Automatic shooting app provides a new snapshot world.

bianconero pictureFly

Your smartphone with the pictureFly app installed is set up in cities and tourist facilities connected to the cameras. “pictureFly" is a system in which set up cameras shoot you and transfer the picture data to your smartphone. That's all automatic! You have a smartphone that installed the pictureFly app can naturally save many “self subjects" photos in your smartphone album just by walking there. People tend to forget to take photos as they enjoy it, but with this solution you can leave memorial photos automatically. (Japanese Pat No.5830729)

It is also possible to incorporate functions into existing apps. We will also consult patent licensing etc. Please inquire in detail.

※The screen is under development and the operation version has a different design.


pictureFly 3 points of automatic shooting

auto shooting
We will automate commemorative shooting in sightseeing spots, tourist facilities, amusement parks etc. Even if you do not shoot yourself, the photos will increase more and more.
auto download
There is no complicated and troublesome work like ID registration and downloading, and the taken photos are automatically transferred to your smartphone album and saved.
natural smile
By using the pictureFly, you will be taken automatically when you enter the shooting spot so you can save a natural look with your family and friends.

pictureFly is so easy!


pictureFly will solve everyone's dissatisfaction!

The photos of myself are those of self-shooting, they are boring at the same angle as usual....
For the pictureFly, you can shoot automatically and save more natural looks when entering the camera spot. It will be memories of sightseeing spots and you can expect to post up to SNS by increasing photos.
When I take photos of self-shooting, the angle is the same, and it is difficult to shoot with the background...
Since the cameras are set up at the shooting spot in a good place, using pictureFly makes it possible to take a picture in a picture with beautiful background. In addition to automatic shooting, you can also press the shutter on the application side, so you can take pictures of your favorite pose.
When I use a selfie-stick, it causes inconvenience to other tourists... Besides, it is an obstacle to carry around...
By setting up the pictureFly compatible camera, it is possible to reduce the opportunities for tourists to use selfie-sticks.
It's hard to ask other people to shoot, I am worried about theft, I do not want to give my smartphone to others...
With the pictureFly, you can automatically shoot and push the shutter of the associated camera arbitrarily, so you do not have to let go of your smartphone.
When shooting family photos, the person who pushes the shutter can not be taken together in them...
With pictureFly it is possible to take family photos with everyone in them.

Company Profile

Company Namebianconero, Inc.
Head OfficeKuroishi Bldg.2-302, 2-4-8, Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan
Established inNovember 1, 2005 (The mother - US corporate / March 18, 2002)
CapitalJPY 3,550,000
CEOTomonobu Kuroishi
ManagementsDaisuke Hojo
Takehiro Kuroishi
Corporate AuditorMasaaki Kuroishi
  1. Planning, development, sales, maintenance management, consulting of computer systems and computer software
  2. Duties related to various advertisements, promotions, sales promotion
  3. Design planning, production and consulting of various stores, buildings and interior spaces
  4. General worker dispatch business and specified worker dispatching business
  5. Paid employment placement business
  6. Any and all businesses incidental to each of the foregoing

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